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Aligners are an ideal solution to gum problems

Aligners are an ideal solution to gum problems

Smiling is the one thing no one can resist and no one should. But there are still people who try to hide their smiles because of orthodontic problems. To help those people, dentists and orthodontists come with idiosyncratic solutions and devices. Braces and aligners are two such examples.


These utilize brackets to connect your teeth. A wired network is spread across your mouth. Braces can be of varying types. Metal braces are the most traditional ones. Everyone is familiar with these. As the name suggests, metallic wiring is used in the brackets. With technology, modern, smaller metal braces are available for use. Archwires, which are activated through heat is also a subtype that utilizes the body’s heat to move teeth in a pain-free manner. These are cost-effective and can be colored to help the kids.

Ceramic braces are clear brackets and, hence, are not noticed as much as the metallic braces are. These are sometimes preferred over aligners because they help move teeth quicker than other alternatives. Lingual braces are yet another type with the only difference that here the wires are placed inside the teeth and are not visible but they are very uncomfortable. Apart from braces, aligners are used for gum or teeth problems.


These fit tighter than the braces because they are custom-made. These are not wires but more like mouthpieces that slip over the area of your teeth. Aligners USA is produced by many manufacturers like Invisalign and These are preferred over braces as aligners are invisible and let the users smile whenever they want without the fear of being bullied or laughed at. However, you do need to contact your dentist to know what’s best for you since many mouth types are sensitive to materials used for these solutions.

Are aligners for everyone?

If I am to answer honestly, no, they are not for everyone and many factors are responsible for this establishment. However, the ideal age-group to get aligners is the teenage and young adult age. It is so because straightening a child’s teeth is more complicated while aligners are used for less complex problems. It also depends on the gaps between the teeth. If the spaces are meager, clear aligners will work fine, but if you have significant gaps between your teeth and other associating problems like overbites, you may need more complex and sophisticated treatment. It is, therefore, advised to always contact your consultant first.

The working principle

It’s not much of a task actually. The aligners are designed according to your mouth and are then fitted in. This fitting procedure is not painful at all and the best thing about it is that you can remove the piece for eating, sleeping, and other activities. Hence, it’s totally up to you whether you want to use aligners or not. Over time, you may be introduced to several versions of the aligners to go for the ideal match. The aligners are either made from plastic (clear) or acrylic material.

Recovery span

The prime factor to determine the recovery span is the spacing between the teeth or the severity of the gum problem. You can and should only go for aligners if the impact is mild. Furthermore, the time also depends on how long and consistent are you with your aligners. If you begin your treatment with the aligners, it may take 10-24 months. On the contrary, if you have gone through pre-treatments like braces, your problem can be solved in several months also. It is, therefore, necessary to choose what type of treatment you need to have for your gum problem.

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