Applied Occlusion (Quintessentials of Dental Practice - Prosthodontics-5)

Applied Occlusion (Quintessentials of Dental Practice – Prosthodontics-5)

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Occlusion can be one of the most difficult subjects for dentists to understand, and this guide thorough explains jaw movement and how it can contribute to a variety of medical conditions. Wassell, Naru, Steele and Nohl are all noted restorative dentists and lecturers in the UK, and they have included hundreds of illustrations, diagrams and photographs to show how occlusion can create a variety of dental problems. A DVD is included that uses digital animation (created by Naru) to clarify the specific points within the text.


1. The Intercuspal Position and Dentistry

2. Normal Function and Occlusal Damage to Restorations

3. Damage from Parafunction, Deflective Contacts and Interferences

4. Conformative and Reorganised Occlusions

5. Occlusion, the Periodontium and Soft Tissues

6. Occlusion and Fixed Osseointegrated Implant Restorations

7. Occlusion and Temporomandibular Disorders

8. Occlusal Diagnosis, Tools and Techniques

DVD Contents
Understanding Jaw Movement Animations

Clinical and Laboratory Sequences


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