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DOCTORS Floss Dental Floss Mint | Stylish Refillable Holder | Vegan | Micro-Waxed Eco Tooth Floss | Gift for Dental Hygienist | 200m (2X 110 Yards)

DOCTORS Floss Dental Floss Mint | Stylish Refillable Holder | Vegan | Micro-Waxed Eco Tooth Floss | Gift for Dental Hygienist | 200m (2X 110 Yards)

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If you’re reading this, you’ve probably understood by now that you shouldn’t wait to get an gingiva infection to start taking of your oral hygiene.

When you need to remove food and plaque after eating, we recommend flossing to prevent cavities, gum disease and other oral health diseases.

Take your oral care to the next level with DOCTORS FLOSS – The microcrystalline waxed threads that will prevent infections ruining your smile and confidence.

DOCTOR FLOSS’ threads are made of durable terylene fibers, so they won’t fray as they slide between your teeth. Its micro waxed coating is thin, just enough to smoothly glide into hard-to-reach areas of your teeth.

Still not convinced? Here are more reasons why you should choose DOCTORS FLOSS:

● The set contains a total of 220 yards of thread, which will serve you for around 400 applications.

● The holder is designed for refilling. No need to buy a new set after useing all 220 yards.

● The dispenser is donned in a beautiful retro design. Made of metal, it is tough and should last you a long time of usage.

● It’s perfect as a bathroom decoration.

Have we mentioned that DOCTORS FLOSS is a handy traveling companion? With its compact container and a more-than-sufficient spool length, it’s a great addition to your hygiene kit. With its minty flavor, you can forego carrying a separate mouthwash.

Join us in our mission to revolutionize the way we floss by adding DOCTORS FLOSS to your cart TODAY!

✅ PROMOTES HEALTHY GUMS & TEETH – Preserve and protect your natural teeth for a lifetime and strengthen your smile with DOCTOR FLOSS teeth cleaning tool! It’s a fluoride free dental floss and comes with cool mint flavor. Your future self will thank you.
✅ BEAUTIFUL DESIGN & ECO-FRIENDLY – This smart floss comes in a reusable retro style container which is made of recyclable tin. The entire set makes a stylish gift for women and men who love to travel or as a decoration for your bathroom.
✅ SHREAD RESISTANT THREADS – Our oral floss is engineered to slide easily in the fitted spaces between your teeth. Perfect for sensitive gums. The easy-glide threads are made of a polyester fiber of high tensile strength, giving it its sturdy structure.
✅ REACHES AREAS THAT YOUR BRUSH WON’T – This floss is covered by a thin layer of microcrystalline wax which combines extra comfort with cleaning to efficiently eliminate interdental plaque. The perfect balance between waxed and non waxed dental floss!
✅ REFILLABLE & REUSABLE METAL BOX – With a total of 220 yards, you got more than enough for 400 applications. This refillable dental floss will never run out as spare spools are available. If you decide not to refill it, you can use the box for pills or milk teeth.


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