GLO Brilliant Deluxe Teeth Whitening Device Kit with Patented Blue LED Light & Heat Accelerator for Fast, Pain-Free, Long Lasting Results. Clinically Proven. Includes 10 GLO Gel Vials+ Lip Care, WHITE

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The GLO Brilliant Teeth Whitening Device Kit uses our patented G.L.O. (Guided Light Optics) Technology that combines gentle warming heat and light with our specially formulated hydrogen peroxide whitening gel to deliver painless teeth whitening results in short, pre-timed, 8 minute applications for that whiter, brighter smile.  

GLO is clinically proven to get your smile 5 shades whiter in 5 days with no sensitivity.  The whitening gel is applied with patented GLO Vial Technology for the most precise application and incredible results.  It is safe, effective, clinically proven, FDA registered and is the brand trusted and used by thousands of dental practices.

Fast, fun and easy to use – this kit comes with everything you need to get pain-free, long lasting, teeth whitening results in the comfort of your own home. It is safe for use on crowns, bridges, and veneers.  Our patented GLO technology accelerates the whitening process and begins removing set-in stains with the very first application.  Works effectively on stains from tea, coffee, wine, soda and smoking. 

Invented by world renowned oral health expert and New York City celebrity dentist, Dr. Jonathan B. Levine, the patented GLO Brilliant Teeth Whitening Device is the only one of its kind that uses gentle warming heat and safe LED light to accelerate the whitening process. The wearable hands-free design allows you to multi-task while you whiten your teeth and shuts off automatically when each application is complete.

With the GLO Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit from GLO Science, you get whiter teeth fast, easily and effectively with:

  • No more messy whitening strips
  • No more uncomfortable trays
  • No more drippy syringes
  • No more runny gels
  • No more ineffective pens
  • No more messy activated charcoal powder
  • No molding or boiling required

Experience the power of the patented GLO Science heat and light activated teeth whitening technology and get the freedom to whiten any time you want and share your smile more! 

BREAKTHROUGH TECHNOLOGY – our patented teeth whitening G.L.O. (Guided Light Optics) light-activated acceleration technology combines gentle warming heat and safe LED light to activate and accelerate the teeth whitening process for whiter teeth with no sensitivity. Fast, easy, long-lasting results.
FAST, EASY & EFFECTIVE – Fast 8 minute treatments that are hands free. Visible results after one day. Get long-lasting teeth whitening results in the comfort of your own home. Easy application, no tooth sensitivity and no messy trays, syringes, 3D whitener strips, whitening pens or charcoal powders.
CLINICALLY PROVEN & GUARANTEED – Our patented GLO Brilliant technology is clinically proven to whiten 5 shades in 5 days with no sensitivity. It easily removes years of stains from wine, coffee, tea and smoking. A whiter smile, guaranteed.
NO SENSITIVITY – The patented GLO technology accelerates the teeth whitening process, minimizing wear time and reducing sensitivity. The whitening gel is specially formulated to be sensitivity-free and does not contain any potentially harmful breakdown byproducts, such as carbamide peroxide, ammonia, or alcohol. Plus, it tastes great!
MADE IN THE USA & 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – GLO Vial teeth whitening gel is proudly made in the USA. We stand behind our products 100%. If you are not happy with the product for any reason, contact us within 30 days for a full, hassle-free refund.


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