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GumPick, Gum Stimulator

Are you suffering from irritated gums? Try the GumPick, Gum stimulator designed to promote healthy firm gums. Inspired by a traditional method, GumPick has runner tips that gently massages the gums and stimulates blood flow. It provides relief from discomfort and enhances healthy gums. GumPick helps to dislodge food particles and plaque, which gets trapped in the spaces between your teeth.

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Details about GumPick

Most people know the importance of keeping a healthy gum which is a significant part of oral care routine, implementing this can be challenging. Most people are not aware of the tools that are available to help you out. Here is more detail why you should try GumPick:

  • GumPick is designed with a rubber tipping, which the routine part of your dental care. The tips on the GumPick can easily be removed and replace; however, the tips stay firmly in place during use.
  • The tip on the GumPick fits snugly to the handle to prevent residue from getting stuck.
  • The tips come in 4 different colors so the user to quickly identify their own GumPick.
  • GumPick is made out of a solid aluminum handle, so there will be no color rub off. It uses a sleek, smooth, and curved design that is easy to grip, and it won’t collect grime.

Our Mission

We strive to improve oral health by making GumPick practical and easy to use the tool. Professionally designed to massage and stimulate your gums. GumPick has a long, easy to grip handle, which helps to reach every part of the mouth.

gum stimulator

How do GumPick Work?

Brushing and flossing are essential parts of our daily dental routine; however, they are two parts of the oral health equation. Good oral hygiene is beyond brushing your teeth, while gum health is often overlooked. To avoid gum diseases, its time to introduce rubber tipping in your routine.

How to use GumPick

  • Gum stimulators have two different functions, exercising and stimulating the gums to improve blood flow and to loosen plaque-forming along with the tooth under the gum line. Steps for using GumPick:
  • Run the GumPick rubber tip under hot water to soften it for gentler use.
  • Moving with a small circular motion, gently massage the edge of your gums, both front and back of your teeth for ten seconds per tooth. You can also run GumPick between your teeth to remove any remaining food particles.
  • Slide the pointed tip slightly below your gum line with the stimulator edge against the tooth surface. Brushing and flossing to remove food debris. And frequently flush during the process to remove any loosened plaque.
  • You may interchange the steps to fit your routine best.
  • The rubber tip should be replaced every so often as they wear down. One easy way to remember is to replace the tip when you replace your toothbrush.

Who is Gum Pick suitable for?

GumPick is a suitable tool for everyone. It’s essential to learn about this tool because it will add value to your oral health, thus improving your life. GumPick makes oral hygiene easy for people who care about their oral health future and gum health. GumPick is suitable for:

  • Family and friends
  • Hygiene focused individuals
  • Dentist recommendations
  • Anyone with teeth and gums problem

GumPick is professionally designed for all skill levels. The tips stay firmly in place on the handle while in use. No gaps are left between the tips and handle, which usually collects unhygienic material that can easily be replaced.