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Prime Dent Hybrid Composite Kit

  1. Variety of Shades: A comprehensive kit typically includes a range of shades to match the natural color of patients' teeth, allowing for seamless and realistic restorations.
  2. Bonding Agents: The kit may include bonding agents or adhesives that promote strong adhesion between the composite resin and the tooth structure.
  3. Composite Resin Materials: High-quality composite resin materials with excellent handling properties, such as viscosity, sculptability, and ease of manipulation.
  4. Curing Light Compatibility: The kit might provide instructions on how to use the included composite materials effectively with curing lights to ensure proper polymerization.
  5. Instrumentation: Specialized instruments for shaping, contouring, and sculpting the composite material during the restoration process.
  6. Finishing and Polishing Tools: Accessories designed to help achieve a smooth and polished surface on the restored tooth, ensuring patient comfort and aesthetics.
  7. Instructions for Use: Clear and comprehensive instructions for both experienced and novice dental professionals, ensuring successful restorations.
  8. Compatibility and Versatility: Composite materials that are compatible with various restoration techniques, allowing for a wide range of restorative applications.
  9. Longevity and Durability: Composite materials that offer durability and longevity to ensure the restorations withstand the challenges of everyday use.
  10. Aesthetic Results: The kit may emphasize materials that create natural-looking restorations, seamlessly blending with surrounding teeth.
  11. Quality Assurance: Products from reputable brands often come with quality assurance and may comply with relevant dental industry standards.

Pushbutton hand piece light

The Pushbutton Hand Piece Light is an innovative dental tool designed to illuminate the treatment area with precision, ensuring optimal visibility and accuracy during various dental procedures

Septodont Paste For Scaling

  • Polishing with Silica-based paste removes the cariogenic bacteria, plus the bacteria can not re-appear for a long period of time because with Silica the surface of the tooth becomes extra smooth and polished where bacteria cannot form colonies.
  • Mechanical abrasive action due to the presence of silica.
  • Pleasant taste and feeling of freshness thanks to the essential oils.

Tehno Dent Eugetin( 14Gm Powder+10Ml Liquid)

  • Unique sealer for filling canals with gutta-percha points by lateral condensation method
  • Significant periapical sensibility reduction (contains dexamethasone – 0.01%, hydrocortisone acetate -1.00%)
  • Easily mixed and remains flexible during 2-3 hours
  • Strong bactericidal effect owing to di-iodine thymol
  • Dense canals and microtubules filling (film thickness 3-5 µm)
  • Low solubility (0,5%) guarantees a long service of root filling
  • Radiopaque
  • Plastic jar (14 g), bottle with a pipette-cap (10 ml), measuring spoon, mixing pad

U-veneer Kit

Description: The unique, innovative U-veneer direct composite template system creates beautiful direct composite veneers with predictable shape and symmetry. It mimics natural dentition and is designed to create high-quality, natural-looking anterior restorations in one visit. U-veneer templates use innovative technologies that help achieve a refined, anatomically correct, high-gloss restoration in a fraction of the time of what it would take if done freehand. Results are both reproducible and predictable.
  • Allows for predictable, high-quality, natural-looking composite restorations
  • Prevents the oxygen inhibition layer during curing process, resulting in a hard, glossy surface
  • Allows light to pass through the template to the composite for effective curing
  • Works with any preferred composite
  • Releases easily from cured composite resin
  • Requires minimal adjusting or polishing—saving time
  • Can be used on individual or multiple teeth
  • Templates are autoclavable and reusable, making it cost-effective for both patients and dentists
  • Can enhance practice efficiency
  • Each template is numbered to correspond with the tooth number, tooth size, and upper and lower arch

Woodpecker Apex Locator V (Woodpex V)



  1. Accurate Apex Determination: Apex locators like the Woodpex V are designed to provide accurate and reliable measurements of the root canal length. This precision helps in avoiding over-instrumentation and ensuring successful endodontic treatments.
  2. Impedance-Based Technology: These devices often use impedance-based technology, measuring the change in electrical resistance as the instrument approaches the root apex. This technology enhances the accuracy of determining the apex position.
  3. Real-time Display: Apex locators usually feature a real-time display that shows the progress of the instrument as it approaches the root apex. This allows the dentist to monitor the procedure and make adjustments as needed.
  4. Audible and Visual Alerts: Many apex locators provide audible and visual alerts when the instrument is close to the apex. This dual notification system helps in achieving precise results.
  5. Multiple Measurement Modes: Some apex locators offer different measurement modes, allowing dentists to select the most suitable mode for the specific tooth being treated.
  6. Compact Design: These devices are often compact and ergonomically designed for easy handling during procedures.
  7. Auto-Calibration: Apex locators may feature an auto-calibration function to ensure consistent and accurate measurements.
  8. Battery Life: Battery life indicators or long-lasting battery performance are important features to ensure that the device is ready for use during procedures.
  9. Compatibility: Apex locators are typically designed to work with a variety of endodontic file systems, offering versatility to dental professionals.

Woodpecker Endo Motor (Endo Radar Pro)

New addition to Radar FAMILY New Generation Desk-Type Brushless Endo Motor Built in 5th generation Apex Locator Two Added Feature: Double the speed ~ 2500rpm ATR Technique (Adaptive Torque Reverse) Realize real-time display of file location in canal. Automatically stops or reversely rotates as soon as the file reaches the apical stop, so as to prevent perforation.