TePe INTERDENTAL BRUSH ORIGINAL – Pink 0.4mm 6 Pack – Recommended by Dentists for Best Oral Health, Healthy Mouth & Gums Between Dental Visits, Prevent Bad Breath and Periodontal Disease

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The Original range of TePe’s Interdental Brushes comprises nine colour coded sizesto fit narrow and wider interdental spaces.All brushes have plastic coated wire for safety and comfort. The user friendly handleoffers a stable grip which enables cleaning with controlled movements. The plastic capcan be used for hygienic protection of the brush or to extend the handle.How to use TePe Interdental Brush?Insert the brush gently between your teeth. Do not force the brush into a space; work itin gently or choose a smaller size. Move the interdental brush full length back and fortha few times. Use your interdental brush once a day, preferably in the evening. Changebrush when the filaments are becoming worn. For optimal cleaning, it is important tochoose an interdental brush of the right size. Very often more than one brush size isneeded. Your dental professional can help to select the correct brush size/sizes for you.The brushes comply with the international standard for manual interdental brushes(ISO 16409:2016) which stipulates nine sizes, 0-8.Handle:Polypropylene (PP). G2 neck (pink, orange, red and blue). Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE).Cap: Polypropylene (PP), UV dry offset ink.Filaments:Polyamide (PA).Wire:Plastic coated stainless steel.High quality brushes that effectively REMOVES PLAQUE between the teeth that will give you an even better clean than floss.
Reach those HARD TO REACH AREAS that your toothbrush can’t with safe, plastic-coated wire and easy grip handle that won’t slip.
Keep it clean between uses with the CONVENIENT SMART CAP for storage and protection for at home or when you are on the road.
Scientifically proven effective for daily, PREVENTATIVE CLEANING yet gentle enough for inflamed, swollen or bleeding gums.
Made in Sweden in close collaboration with DENTAL EXPERTS so you can have complete trust in what you put in your mouth.


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