The Use of Models and Indices in Plaque and Gingivitis Trials in Humans (Periodontology)

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Contents include: General Introduction and Aims of This Study, Treatment of Gingivitis, Assessment of Gingivitis, Clinical Gingivitis Trials, The Plaque Removing Efficacy of an Oscillating/Rotating Toothbrush – A Short Term Study, Comparative Study of Electric Toothbrushes for the Effectiveness of Plaque Removal in Relation to Toothbrushing Duration – Timerstudy, The Long Term Effect of an Oscillating/Rotating Electric Toothbrush on Gingivitis – An 8-Month Clinical Study, Evaluation of a 21-Day, Partial-Mouth Gingivitis Model, The Effect of Maintenance of Gingival Health on the Gingival Inflammation Induced in the Experimental Gingivitis Model, Intra-/Inter-Examiner Reproducibility of Gingival Bleeding, Comparison of Different Approaches to Assess Bleeding on Probing as Indicators of Gingivitis, Summary and Conclusions.


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