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Thermoplastic pellets Instant moldable Plastic 8 OZ

Thermoplastic pellets Instant moldable Plastic 8 OZ

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An extremely versatile solution for repairs

Whether you need to fix a small leak, repair a handle or make wall brackets, Techleo instant mold is the solution for you. It is extremely easy to use, simply mould with warm water and leave to solidify at room temperature. It acts just like clay when warm, easy to mold and shape but once cooled it becomes a strong plastic. It is completely reusable, so if your model has served its purpose, simply reheat and remold for your next project.

Home and professional use

In addition to a useful tool around the home, our moldable plastic pellets can be used for art and craft projects at schools and clubs. It can also be used to create props, scale models and items for presentations in the work place. Love dressing up? Use it to create masks and prosthetics with wow factor! Elderly and disabled people sometimes need help to operate, use and power everyday items around the home, our plastic pellets can be moulded into handles and grips to make life easier. It has an endless amount of uses and never goes out of date!

How to use

1. Heat some water in a bowl to 150 degrees F
2. Carefully pour the pellets into the water
3. Wait until the pellets turn clear and stick together, usually around 2 minutes
4. Remove pellets from the water and any liquid remaining in between the pellets
5. Mold and model to your hearts content, with your hands, molds or tools
6. When your design is finished, leave to cool at room temperature. It will become opaque in color when completely cooled.
7. Display your work of art or put your newly created piece to work!

BUY NOW and use this incredibly versatile, moldable plastic in your home

MOLDABLE – our lightweight, polyester thermoplastic plastic pellets can be used on various craft and DIY projects, throughout the home for easy repairs and creations that anyone can use
REUSABLE – moldable plastic pellets are cost effective and waste free, your models and shapes can be reheated to bring them back to their original pellet form and reused on future projects
EASY – children and adults can let their imaginations run wild with polymorph plastic. No special equipment is required, just warm water – all children must be supervised, not suitable for children under 3 years
DIY – perfect for repair projects around the home, it can be molded into any shape, once dry and hardened it can be cut with scissors, you can also drill it, carve it, thread it and paint it too
CRAFT – perfect for art and craft projects at home, school, clubs and even work. Create works of art of and use in delicate and intricate model making


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